Acne || Common teenage problem

By Dr. Manish Jain (MBBS)

It is a condition which arises by clogging of pores by the hair follicle, dead skin, oil secretions or bacterial infections. It is very common in teenage but can present in any age group. It may present as a bump with redness, pain, itching and mostly on areas with sebaceous glands like T zone on the face, chest, back.

Sometimes it may occur due to hormonal imbalance like PCOD in females or disturbed testosterone levels in males. It may require a hormone profile to diagnose and hormonal supplements to treat.

Skincare routine to avoid or heal acne!!

• Frequent face wash, especially before going to bed.
• Stay hydrated with at least 2L of water per day.
• Water-based moisturisers, every time after face is being washed.
• Sunscreen 15-20 minutes before stepping out from home and reapplied after 3hrs.
• Avoid touching the problem area.
• Seek medical advice from professionals when needed.

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